From The President

The National Pan-Hellenic Council is a collaborative body made up of the members of nine of the original, historically African American Greek letter intercollegiate organizations. To put it plainly NPHC is the “Devine Nine” coming together to service the community better than each would on their own. It is through the efforts of local chapters of NPHC such as NPHC-AA (Ann Arbor) that members stay in touch with activities of sister and brother organizations so that we may increase participation thereby increasing resources used for charity, broadly spreading awareness, increasing the value of education and protecting the vulnerable among many other good deeds. It is important for those who are doing similar work in the community to combine their efforts in such a way that it fosters an exponential improvement of the results. This collaboration is the humble duty of the NPHC-AA. This website is open to the public in an effort to keep the community at large informed of the activities of the NPHC-AA and the member organization chapters. The format will allow for further collaboration with other community based organizations as well. It is my aspiration that the community will be a far better place due to the efforts of NPHC-AA and this website.  

Stafford Watts 

NPHC-AA President